About US


DR. KRISHANTHI RONDON FUENTES: Former senior executive, UNESCO headquarters, Paris and UNICEF offices in New York, Vietnam and Liberia. Author of several books and an animal welfare advocate.
Email: krishanthirondonfuentes@gmail.com

DR. DEBORA WYBURN: Australian international development consultant working with the ADB, World Bank, DFAT (formerly AusAID), BRAC and the British Council. Resident in Sri Lanka for more than 20 years.
Email: dwyburn@gmail.com

MS. AYOMA DE SILVA: Philanthropist and former Senior Admin/Finance Officer at International Labor Organization (ILO).
Email: ayoma.dsilva@gmail.com

MR. HECTOR RONDON FUENTES: Consultant and former senior executive of various United Nations’ Agencies.
Email: rondonfuentes@gmail.com