Pawsitive Impact: Sponsor a Puppy for as Little as 10 GBP, 13 USD or 12 Euros a month

Welcome to the heart-warming world of “Sponsor a Puppy” brought to you by the Animal Wellness Trust Sri Lanka!

In 2023 alone, we’ve rescued over 40 adorable puppies, and now we invite you to be a crucial part of their journey. Your support can make a world of difference by providing these furry companions with the nutrition, medical care, and overall well-being they deserve.
For as little as 10 GBP, 13 USD or 12 Euros a month, you can become a long-distance parent to one of our precious puppies. As a sponsor, you’ll receive updates on your furry friend’s growth and progress, witnessing first-hand the positive impact of your generosity. Join us in making a lasting difference in the lives of these lovable creatures. Sponsor a puppy today and help us create a brighter and happier future for each and every one of them!

If you ever decide to take a puppy home, we will help you make arrangements to fly the puppy to you.

Little Paws, Big Hearts: Our Puppy Family